Message by President Wavel Ramkalawan on the occasion of International Women's Day 8 March 2021

07 March 2021 | State House

UN theme: Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world.”

Allow me first of all to wish every woman on the Seychelles soil courage and congratulations on the International Women’s Day. I share your joys and challenges as you seek to improve your personal life and set higher standards for society and our country.

Seychellois women make up half of this country’s population and you have an immense role to play, not only in the upbringing of our children, but in the professional responsibilities you bear. Your presence and efforts are there to console the weak and encourage the enthusiastic. Today’s challenges force more women to come forward and join with our men to dismantle the many obstacles that are preventing us from achieving greater social stability and economic growth that will result in increased wealth creation and thus into a more stable society.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic I congratulate all our women health care workers who are making the extra effort to make our country bring the situation under control. Many women on the forefront are risking their lives every day, be it as doctors, nurses, health care assistants, those accomplishing basic tasks or attending to simple human needs. Thank you for your strength and devotion. Our country is proud to have such strong women.

Social issues abound. As we celebrate our women, may I also take this opportunity to call on our girls and boys to give themselves time to study and plan their future. Build your abilities and ensure a solid future before launching yourselves in motherhood. Unfortunately, though it takes two to bring a child to this world, it is our women who find themselves with the brunt of the responsibility. Plan your future, and you will be a strong joint in our society.

As the country goes through economic difficulties, I wish all women courage. Once again, I call on the development of stronger families. This is the only way to sail through these tough times. Reinventing ourselves, acquiring new skills and stranding together are important elements towards building the next episode of our life. These are lessons we have all learnt from the pandemic.

As we also face the scourge of hard drugs that destroy our youth, I call on our women to participate fully in that fight. Don’t be part of that problem, but rather, help society in pulling out the youth from destroying themselves. We have a tough battle and I am confident we can win it.

My final call is that all women do take up their important role as leaders in the homes and communities as we struggle with the pandemic. In our communities, let us give strength to the single mother, protect the child girl, and support our elderly and our neighbours.  In the same breath, I call on all our men to support our women. We all have a role to play.

I wish all women in Seychelles a happy International Women’s Day

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