Christmas message by President of the Republic, Mr Wavel Ramkalawan

24 December 2020 | State House

Christmas is a time of sharing, a moment of hope and a season of love. As families gather to give thanks to the Almighty for His blessings, the spirit of giving and caring fills our hearts and this brings about great joy to everyone.

As a nation, we are thankful for the harmony we continue to experience. We have recently shown to the world that we are a peace-loving people through the reconciliatory political transition. The world has praised us for our leadership and example. This is the approach and mindset that should guide us as a people, as we deepen our commitment in real community and nation building.

Each one is called to care for the neighbour. The owners of the manger heard the need of Mary and Joseph and offered them shelter in which the Son of God was to be born. May each one receive listening hearts so that we can take care of each other while building strong communities that nurture good and responsible citizens from childhood. In other words, may we become attentive to the needs of everyone, uphold the weak, guide the youth, build greater diligence in our responsibilities and at all times cultivate a compassionate heart.

This Christmas has seen an outburst of initiative. In the midst of the COVID hardships, community leaders have decorated their districts like never before. Christmas is everywhere. Beautifully decorated used tyre santas, coconut husk and wooden pallet Christmas trees have sprung up and have brought joy to the hearts of our children. The Christmas atmosphere has come with innovation that has cost only devotion of those involved. This is the strength that we should all pray to receive from the greatest gift of all – a Saviour baby born in Bethlehem.

My wish for our beautiful country at this time is for a greater sense of belonging, commitment, purpose and devotion to our motherland. May we develop a positive inner self that will manifest itself in the great achievements we fulfill daily for our families, communities and in our workplaces. Let us build in unity, respect and above all, in knowing that we are all children of the same heavenly Father.

Good health to those who are not well, greater strength to the resilient, intelligence to the hard working and wisdom to all leaders. May Christmas renew our God given attributes and push us towards greater heights as we learn to believe in ourselves and discover the hero in ourselves. May we turn to the Giver of all good things and receive from Him the very best.

Linda, Samuel, Caleb and Amos join me in wishing every Seychellois, living here and abroad, all visitors to our shores, a Blessed Christmas.

May God bless you and our beloved Seychelles.




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