Message by President Danny Faure On the occasion of International Women’s Day 8 March 2020

07 March 2020 | State House

This year marks 43 years since our country embarked on a mission to ensure equal opportunities for all Seychellois women and men.

Our achievements prove that the contributions of Seychellois women are at the core of our society’s transformation. Women are often described as the backbone of our homes and communities, and today we recognise their important contributions to our political, economic, and social advancement.

Equal opportunities are no longer an aspiration. For today’s generation, equal opportunities are a part of everyday life.

The progress we have made together is the result of Government’s firm belief in the abilities of Seychellois girls and women. We broke barriers and freed their potential.

We accomplished this through the progressive policies that put human development at the centre of our agenda. Through legislation and policies, we continue to protect and defend the rights of women to stand together with men without any discrimination. And Seychellois women have seized all opportunities with both hands.

I am proud to see educated, dynamic, brave and determined women today. Women that do not just complain, but come forward with solutions; who work hard to improve their personal lives; raise their living standards; educate their children; contribute to the community; and help to strengthen our economy. In all areas, women make their presence felt.

Today more than ever, we need to have confidence in women to build a brighter future for Seychelles. We need reliable hands, women who will overcome the modern challenges that society is facing. I have no doubt that Seychellois women are ready to continue on the path toward further progress and development.

On the occasion of this International Women’s Day, I join the people of Seychelles to celebrate the achievements of Seychellois women in all their diversity. Let us celebrate women’s contributions, stand up for women’s rights, and listen to women’s voices.

I wish all girls and women, here in Seychelles and around the world, success, prosperity and a bright future. 

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