President’s message on the occasion of World AIDS Day 2019

01 December 2019 | Health

Communities make the difference

Se Kominote ki fer la diferans

The commemoration of World AIDS Day is an opportunity to recognize the essential role that communities play and continue to play in AIDS response at the international, national and local levels.

Communities are formed by a congregation of people with the same values and purpose.Our community may be our family members, our workplace alliances, religious and non-religious associations as well as people in our neighbourhood.

The World can no longer continue to wait upon external donors to provide resources to combat this virus. We as communities must build up and upgrade our capacities, organize ourselves to deal with advocacy, awareness, stigma and discrimination; educate our people on the importance of testing and treatment. In Seychelles we have already stepped up to address the needs of persons living with HIV/AIDS through the Government budget.

Stigma and discrimination remain huge obstacles in our society. We must remove the barriers that stop people from being tested; that stop people from being treated. Communities can provide the platforms from which citizens may act and address their status.

I today appeal to every citizen.

Do not be ashamed to move forward and get to know your HIV status. Your community will provide you with information and guidance and support you along the way.

I urge communities to reach out and help citizens to ensure that they get the right education, information and service for their status. Seychelles is only a population of 95, 000 people; we can harness our individual responsibility coupled with our collective responsibility. Strong communities can really make a difference.

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