Message of the President on the occasion of International Public Service Day 23rd June 2019

22 June 2019 | Public Administration

Achieving People-Focused Public Service Through Innovation and Effective Service Delivery

Today, 23rd June, Seychelles joins the international community in celebrating Public Service Day.  Today we honour those men and women, who each and every day devote themselves tirelessly in their work places to improve the lives of our citizens and advance our national interests.

The 2019 theme for Public Service Day is Achieving People Focused Public Service through Innovation and Effective Service Delivery.

I consider this theme to be especially appropriate in the Seychelles context. The public service is a facilitator that sets the enabling framework within which the public and private sectors, and civil society, can all participate in nation building and meeting the needs of our citizens.

The public service has both regulatory and service functions, and it is vital that those who serve in it remain guided by its code of ethics, and that they observe high standards of excellence and delivery.

As our economy becomes more complex and diverse, with rising expectations, the public service must become more innovative in using modern technology for greater efficiency.  Public servants and institutions must adapt to these new dynamics, by building and updating capacity, to ensure that public officers continue to discharge their responsibilities smartly, with confidence and efficiency.

I take this opportunity to thank all public servants for their continued dedication to the service of our citizens and all those who visit and work in our country. Your dedication is greatly appreciated.

Ultimately, it is the satisfaction of those whom we serve that will determine how successful we have been, so let us work diligently to continue earning their trust and confidence.

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