Message by President Danny Faure on the occasion of International Teachers’ Day 5 October 2018 “Education: A shared responsibility”

05 October 2018 | Education

Today, we join the international community to commemorate World Teacher’s Day and pay tribute to teachers around the world and in Seychelles for their hard work, commitment, and dedication.

The theme of this year’s Teacher’s Day – ‘Education: A shared responsibility’ – is an important one. It reminds us that the responsibility towards the education and development of our children and young people lies with all of us, both within and outside the education system. We must continue to partner with the schools and support our teachers as together, we build the society of tomorrow.

Government is committed to providing teachers with the tools they need to help our students succeed. Over the last year, we introduced a Social Contract between teachers and parents; a Teacher Appraisal Performance Allowance; and reviewed the allowance of after School Child Supervision and Homework Supervision. We have also invested heavily in capacity building over the last decade. Today, more than half of all secondary school teachers are degree holders, and 53% of primary school teachers have a Diploma in Education. This year, another cohort of 210 untrained primary school teachers embarked on a teacher education programme which will lead them to a Diploma in Education.

The right to education cannot be fulfilled without qualified teachers. Government will continue to offer training and professional development to all teachers. I encourage all teachers to make use of these training opportunities and continue to build on your achievements. The pursuit for the continuous professional growth of teachers is in line with UNESCO’s theme for Teachers’ Day 2018, ‘The right to education means the right to a qualified teacher’. As a country, all efforts will be made to ensure that no teachers are left behind where their training and professional development is concerned.

On behalf of all Seychellois, I would like to thank teachers in Seychelles and around the world. You are inspirational leaders who change lives, and build a better world, every day. Happy Teachers’ Day to you all.



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