Message from President Danny Faure on the occasion of Labour Day, 1 May 2018

30 April 2018 | Employment

Message from President Danny Faure on the occasion of Labour Day, 1 May 2018
‘Travay Dir Ozordi Pour En Meyer Lavenir’

Today, we come together to celebrate Labour Day and the great achievements of our workers.  We commemorate the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice of all workers in this country, who continue to persevere for the prosperity of our families and our blessed country. We also recognise the significant contributions of our retired citizens during their long years of service.

My fellow workers, our country has made great strides in its progress. Our macroeconomic performance stayed strong in 2017 with economic growth estimated to have exceeded 5 percent. Since 2016, Seychelles’ unemployment rate has dropped from 4.4 percent to 3.7 percent. Seychelles’ growth and development is not a coincidence, but a direct result of its committed workforce.

It is essential that we continue to work hard to consolidate what we have achieved and secure a bright future for ourselves and our children. In line with this year’s Labour Day theme, ‘Travay Dir Ozordi Pou En Meyer Lavenir’, let us deliver our best today for the security of a bright tomorrow.

We are living in a time where although there are many opportunities, there are also challenges. Let us overcome these challenges together. The Government is dedicated to facilitating young people’s access to jobs and their adjustment from school to the world of work. We will also do our best to assist those workers in transitional employment through established processes.

The Government remains committed to improving the well-being of the workforce in Seychelles. We continue to work closely with unions to protect and promote workers’ rights in human resource management policies and national laws, and empower our workers to increase productivity levels for the benefit of Seychelles. I call on every citizen to join forces and hold hands in unity for the greater good of our Nation.

On this occasion, let us renew our dedication to work together in the service of others and our country. If we do, I am confident we will secure a brighter future for ourselves and generations to come. Annou Travay Dir Ozordi Pou En Meyer Lavenir.

On behalf of Government, I wish all workers a safe and happy Labour Day.

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