Presidential Message on the Occasion of National Day 29 June 2017

29 June 2017 | State House


Seychellois brothers and sisters,

It is with great joy that I wish each of you Happy Independence Day.

Today we celebrate the date of our birth as a Nation.

29 June 1976 is the day that we became an independent country – the day that we took our destiny into our own hands. Today I salute the courage, determination, and hard work of all Seychellois that fought for our independence and brought Seychelles to where it is today. Citizens across all generations, I thank you sincerely – thank you very much.

Today, I give thanks to our Creator for the incredible blessings given to our Nation, and I ask for continued benedictions upon all our people.

Today, we all come together to celebrate National Day.Seychelles is for her children.Seychelles is for all of us.

We are united today, 29 June. It is a feeling of love for our country, a feeling that is strong and extraordinary, that brings us together.

Dearest Seychellois brothers and sisters,

Our National Day today is a symbol of what we are – Seychellois.It is also a symbol of what we have – Seychelles.

In our celebrations today, we are celebrating Seychelles and we are celebrating what we are, Seychellois.
Yes, today we are one. We are one Nation. We are a proud and blessed people, walking toward one destiny.
Despite our differences, we have the generosity and maturity to realise that Seychelles is bigger than us all. We recognise that the key to prosperity of our people and progress lies in working together for Seychelles and for all Seychellois.

We also realise that our diversity of opinion is a positive force that brings us together, consolidating our values, such as tolerance, respect, and unity.

Let us use our National Day as a source of inspiration for even more unity and harmony among us. With more unity and harmony, we have nothing to lose. It is Seychelles and the Seychellois people that benefit.
Let us use our National Day as a source of motivation to develop the courage and determination that will allow us to work harder than ever before for our Seychelles, to overcome any societal challenges, and conquer the trials and tribulations of our time.

Our task may be great, but we stay a united people. A people that believes in itself. We have the capacity and the potential to bring the change and transformation that will benefit Seychelles and all Seychellois.

Let us work together Seychellois, always united, to help Seychelles progress.

Seychelles is bigger than us all. Yes, it will always be bigger than us all.

Happy Independence Day.

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