Message from President Danny Faure on the Occasion of International Children’s Day

31 May 2017 | State House

Message for International Children’s Day

1 June 2017

International Theme “Children of today, our keepers tomorrow”

On 1st of June, we join with the international community in celebrating the international day of children.

Our children are precious. They deserve our love, care, support and protection. This is our fundamental responsibility and one of life’s greatest challenges. It is also one of life’s greatest privileges.

This year’s international theme “Children of today, our keepers of tomorrow” reminds us that we should treasure our children not just for what they are today but also for what they will become. Our children are a source of joy; they bring happiness in our lives and laughter in our homes. They hold the promise of a better future, for theirs is a world of excitement, wonder and potential. We must help them to realise their dreams; the world we inhabit tomorrow will be created by the children we are raising today.

This is why I appeal to every parent to make the present count. Let us invest in the time we spend with our children, in the quality of care and support that we give to them. Every child needs to feel loved,   a home that is safe and a supportive environment to grow up in. While we recognise that our society is facing many challenges, we must never give up. The future and well-being of our children is worth fighting for.

This is why every one of us must join together to renew our commitment to our children. Their safety and welfare must never be compromised. Every parent and every adult working with children have a double responsibility. They must above all ensure the protection and safety of the child. Secondly, they must empower and teach the child to protect him or herself, to take responsibility as soon as they can for their own life and actions.

Let us ensure that we give our children the values and life skills to live a productive and fulfilling life. Let us ensure that they know their rights as well as responsibilities. That they feel part of our communities. Let our efforts be guided by one common goal; the wholesome development of every Seychellois child.

On behalf of myself and government, I wish all children a happy international children’s day. May you enjoy the blessings of today as you grow up to fulfil the promises of tomorrow.

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