New Year Message of President Danny Faure 1 January 2017

01 January 2017 | State House

Compatriots, Seychellois brothers & sisters,

Today is a New Year, and it brings me great joy to be able to wish each one of you wherever you are a Happy New Year. I hope that this year brings everything that it should for each and every one of you.

Since becoming the Head of State I have spent a lot of time thinking, and I have arrived at two conclusions. Firstly, how do we give a real meaning to our existence on this earth? And secondly, we must do even more to reinforce our national unity. We need to make a greater effort to follow a spiritual and moral compass that will give direction and enlighten us on the meaning of our lives.

I believe that all of us, including myself, we need to work harder to bring unity to our country. So I've decided to propose an amendment to the law that governs public holidays. Firstly, the Monday following Easter Sunday will be a public holiday, a day where we continue to celebrate that which is greater than all of us: our Creator. Secondly, the 5th of June will be a normal working day, reinforcing the unity of our people.

Compatriots, Seychellois brothers and sisters, my hope is that we all continue to live like brothers and sisters in peace and in harmony, in stability and in unity.

Happy New Year.


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