Message Of The President On The Occassion Of International Public Service Day – 23rd June 2015 - Modernising the Public Service for Effective Service Delivery

22 June 2015 | State House

An efficient, effective and dynamic public service that is responsive to the needs of the public is vital to the proper functioning of Government and the enabling framework which the private sector, civil society and the public service itself depends on.

The improvements in information communication technology over the last few years is transforming the way in which our public service agencies communicate with each other and with the public and the wider clientele that it serves.  We must innovate and exploit the full potential of the technologies at our disposal to continue improving the quality and timeliness of service delivery.

Our public service must remain in touch with the people whom it serves, whether this be through personal contact, letters, electronic mail or other means at our disposal.  We must keep the public well-informed of the work and projects we undertake in their name to address their needs and to further national development.  Often, failure to communicate in good time results in the loss of trust and erodes confidence in our public service.

In my Public Service Day message of 2014, I asked that all public sector organisations set benchmarks for themselves, and I am happy to note progress in this direction.  However, I would urge that all Chief Executive Officers continually review the performance of their organisations against their mandated functions, and take measures to address shortfalls they identify.

On this Public Service Day, I salute you, the thousands of public servants in all professions who are daily giving of your best, with integrity, devotion, selflessness and compassion, in discharging your duties in the service of Seychelles.  You uphold the principles of our public service.  Your deserve our gratitude and appreciation.  I thank you all, and wish you every success in your noble endeavours.

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