150th anniversary of consecration of St Paul’s Cathedral

10 February 2010 | Religion

As St Paul’s cathedral marks the 150th anniversary of its consecration, I join in the joy of the Anglican community of the diocese of Port Victoria.

I share the happiness of Bishop James Wong, Archbishop French Chang-Him, the priests, the deacons and the congregation on this momentous occasion.

St Paul’s cathedral symbolizes a part of the spirituality of our people. It is a place where the faithful come together as one big family to hear the teachings of love, learn the values of life, seek the strength for forgiveness and find peace.

We are grateful to the churches for the work they do to help provide for the moral and spiritual education of our children. Last year various denominations formed an inter-faith group to lend a hand to our society in the fight against drugs. The people of Seychelles feel the comforting arm of the churches, especially in the hour of need. The pastoral skills of the religious institutions will always be helpful for our well-being, as we all join hands in the building of the respectable Seychellois society.

St Paul’s cathedral, a landmark in Victoria, is the centre of the good work of the Anglican mission in Seychelles. It has a special place in the history of our islands. It was on exactly the same site where the first building of the cathedral was erected. Shortly after, in 1862, it withstood the Lavalas to provide shelter to families and the storage of food for people following the devastating landslide.

For the Anglicans and their many friends, St Paul’s cathedral is their eternal light in the Port Victoria diocese for spiritual guidance. May they, their children, their brothers and sisters from the nation, continue to go to church in large numbers, to strengthen their faith, ask God for His blessings for a better life, and have a deeper sense of belonging to the congregation.

I wish the Anglican community the very best on the occasion of the anniversary.  It is a time of thanksgiving. We should always praise and thank God for His blessings.

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