Message of President James A. Michel On the occasion of Teachers’ Day, 5th October, 2014

03 October 2014 | Education

'Teachers Light Up The World'

On the 5th October of every year, Seychelles joins the rest of the world to pay tribute to the big community of teachers for the role they continue to play in the shaping of society. Their commitment and devotion to duty, their selflessness, their sense of purpose, are virtues that we admire and that stay with us. Their impact and influence are immense.

The theme for this year, Teachers, Light up the World' has been aptly chosen. It illustrates the raison d'être of the profession.  The profession with the responsibility to mould and fashion the minds and characters of the young people, to embrace diversity whilst creating harmony, to inculcate good moral and spiritual values, to form good citizens and the leaders of tomorrow, and to make a difference in the lives of each and everyone.

As Seychelles paves the way to becoming a knowledge-based society, there is a need to re-conceptualize the role of the teacher from the primary provider of information to the orchestrator of learning and helping students transform information into knowledge, and knowledge into wisdom.   The new millennium has brought new dimensions to learning with the dramatic technological revolution. Teaching and learning are dynamic processes; therefore it is vital for teachers to be adequately equipped to remain the guiding light for their students.

Our students are facing a host of pressing issues, such as climate change, health concerns, and other environmental and social development issues. They require our constant and sustained attention. They lead to a greater need for students to be better able to communicate, function, create and change personally, socially, economically and politically on local, national and global levels.  The development of information communication technology has created the bridge that connects our youth and their teachers to the rest of the world by a click of a button.

Teachers need the support of all partners in the community, in particular the parents and students, in order to continue to make the difference in the lives of learners.   We must continue to show respect to our teachers and contribute to the revitalisation of the teaching profession.  We must recognise that their task is becoming more challenging and that they need our unstinting support.

The Government remains committed to continue investing in education. Investing in the youth is investing in the future of the country.

I thank all teachers for their hard work, determination, devotion and commitment.

Happy Teachers' Day 2014!

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