State House

Office of the President of The Republic of Seychelles

Cabinet Decisions

Cabinet Business- Thursday, 7th March 2024

President Wavel Ramkalawan, chaired a scheduled meeting of the Cabinet yesterday, Wednesday 6th March in which a number of legal and policy memoranda were approved.

Cabinet approved the written statement to be submitted by the Republic of Seychelles to the International Court of Justice on the issue of climate change, as request by the United Nations Secretary General and the Deputy-Registrar of the International Court of Justice. The
statement is in support of the Republic of Vanuatu’s request for an advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice on the obligations of States in respect of climate change, which was adopted without a vote as a Resolution at the 64th meeting of the 77th Session of the
General Assembly of the United Nations on 29th February 2023.

Cabinet approved for the setting up of a Government scholarship scheme for Seychellois students from Praslin and La Digue to undertake their A level studies at the Vijay International School (VIS) on Praslin.

Cabinet approved amendments to the La Digue Land Transport Policy, the Road Transport Act and Regulations, the Road Act and the Licences (Road Transport) Regulations.

Cabinet was presented with the findings of the technical assessment carried out by the Seychelles Infrastructural Agency on the proposed location for the construction of an International Mail and Cargo Processing Centre at the International Airport as directed at
Cabinet meeting of 8th November 2023.