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Cabinet Business - Wednesday 03rd August 2022

03 August 2022

President Wavel Ramkalawan chaired a scheduled meeting of the Cabinet today, Wednesday 3rd August at which a number of policy and legal memoranda were considered.

Cabinet approved the Primary Health Care Package. Based on the provision of the Constitution for free primary health care to citizens, the Ministry of Health saw the need to clarify what primary health care entails to ensure effective provision of such care service.  The Primary Health Care Package is therefore a social contract which defines the health services for people along the course of their life and in addressing the burden of disease.  Its main objective is to achieve Universal Health Coverage, ensure equity, quality and efficiency in health, and contribute to the health sector goals.  The package presents Primary Health Care services arranged under six broad categories, which group related programmes, namely Family Health; Disease Prevention and Control; Oral Health; Rehabilitation; Health Promotion; and Integrated Management of Priority Diseases and Other Common Conditions.  Through the Primary Health Care package, the Ministry of Health would like to improve the provision of primary health care specially the provision of preventive care.

Cabinet took note of the high cost of health care and requested that public education on the cost of care should be undertaken.

Cabinet approved the Tobacco Control (Amendment) Bill 2022 which seeks to authorise the use of electronic cigarettes in Seychelles under a defined regulatory framework and it enables the country to regulate their manufacture, distribution, sale and use.  Similar to combustible cigarettes, electronic cigarettes will be subjected to a ban on advertising and promotion; a ban of usage in enclosed public places, workplaces and in public transport; a ban on sale by/to minors.  They will have to be placed in a mandatory restricted place in retail shops that is behind the counter. The approved amendment also bans electronic cigarettes with attractive flavours (e.g. fruit medley, candy-like aromas), except for menthol.

Cabinet considered a number of issues that have been reported as causing unnecessary bureaucratic inconvenience to the public. Subsequently, Cabinet approved the following three measures with the aim of facilitating access to Government services.  Cabinet approved to extend the tax break for all farmers until 2026 during which time the Seychelles Revenue Commission will continue their sensitisation programme on the registration of farmers.  Given the current economic situation and the challenges in collecting the prescription fees; Cabinet resolved that effective from 15th August 2022, the public will not be required to pay the SCR25 fee for prescription.  Cabinet also approved that as of 1st January 2023, all brand-new vehicles will not have to undergo the road worthiness test for the first 3 years from the date of manufacture.  However, the annual road fund license will need to be paid.  Regulations are also being finalised for car hire operators to do one road worthiness test instead of two per year.  The self-drive license will also be payable once annually.

Further details to the media will be provided by the relevant Ministry.


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