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Office of the President of The Republic of Seychelles

Cabinet Decisions

Cabinet Business - Wednesday 23rd February 2022

President Wavel Ramkalawan chaired a scheduled meeting of the Cabinet today, Wednesday 23rd February at which a number of legal and policy memoranda were considered.

Cabinet approved the La Digue Land Transport policy. The new revised policy seeks to reduce the number of vehicles on La Digue, provide a better public transport service to everyone and ensure that within the next 5 years all vehicles on La Digue are not using fossil fuel, and that La Digue remains the niche towards sustainability, safe, peaceful and “Green”.

Cabinet approved proposal for the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of Seychelles. The amendment will clarify that the Seychelles Defence Forces may assist any public authority in the enforcement of any written law in relation to public security, environmental protection, maritime security or maritime zones.

Cabinet approved amendments to Schedule 1 of the International Corporate Services Providers Act, 2003 to remove the concessions for Business Tax under the ICSP Act to reflect the amendments made in the Business Tax Act.

Cabinet approved policy on the number of slot machines and casinos that will be allowed in Seychelles.

Cabinet approved measures to conserve and manage the threatened population of Sooty Terns.

Following the investigation by Public Enterprise Monitoring Commission (PEMC) on SEYPEC, in which various weaknesses had been identified, Cabinet approved that all Board Minutes and financial statements of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) should be circulated to the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Trade as well as their respective parent Ministries. SOEs will also need to inform the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Trade as well as their parent Ministries of their intention to contract any debt. These are part of measures to improve the governance and oversight of SOEs.

Further details to the media will be provided by the relevant Ministry.