Cabinet Decisions

Cabinet Business - Monday 2nd August 2021

02 August 2021

State House announced this morning that President Wavel Ramkalawan, Vice President Afif and the Cabinet met for the first-ever national ministerial retreat on Silhouette Island over the week-end. The participants were accompanied by their families.

The purpose of the retreat was to share the experiences of the past 9 months in office and strategise for the months ahead, especially at a time when budget preparation for the country is in full discussion and economic recovery is the biggest priority. It was also an opportunity to interact with the residents and workers of the island.

President Ramkalawan has stated that the retreat was a real success not only as it was a time of sharing openly the challenges that each ministry was facing, but also an opportunity for bonding and team building. The spouses also shared their experiences in coping with the changes that have happened since their partners took on their respective roles in Government.

President Ramkalawan said: “I feel proud to be part of such a dedicated team. So many members of Cabinet have given up their previous jobs where they were better remunerated in order to offer their services to the country. The level of commitment will ensure, that in these difficult times, Seychelles will emerge as a much stronger country. I call on our people to give the ministers and their families full support in their tasks, as leading a country is not only an honour, but the greatest service possible.”

The Cabinet extends its gratitude to the management and staff of Silhouette Island for their warm welcome.

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