Cabinet Decisions

Cabinet Business - Wednesday 10th March 2021

11 March 2021

President Wavel Ramkalawan chaired a meeting of the Cabinet on Wednesday 10th March 2021, at which a number of legal and policy memoranda were considered.

Cabinet resolved to defer any further applications for the sale or transfer of residential land to non-Seychellois, pending a report by the Ministry of Lands and Housing on the details of land which had already been sold, leased or transferred to foreigners.

Cabinet approved amendments to the Anti-Corruption Act, in line with announcements made by the President in the State of the Nation Address in February 2021 concerning the restructuring of the Anti-Corruption Commission.

Cabinet approved in principle proposals for enhanced border security which would cover electronic travel authorisation, including a system for advance information on passengers travelling in and out of Seychelles.

Cabinet was briefed by the CEO of Air Seychelles on measures to explore more opportunities to enhance tourist traffic, particularly from and through Dubai.

Cabinet endorsed the ongoing research being undertaken by Greenpeace on the Saya de Malha Bank, located between Seychelles and Mauritius, with the aim of enhancing the knowledge base on the biodiversity of these waters.

Cabinet approved amendments to the National Order of Precedence in line with changes in Government.

Cabinet confirmed its approval of the Seychelles' National Report under the Third Cycle of the Universal Periodic Review Mechanism, which was due for submission to the United Nations, Human Rights Council in February.

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