Cabinet Decisions

Cabinet Business - 1 April 2020

01 April 2020

President Danny Faure today chaired a special meeting of the Cabinet at which the Cabinet was briefed on the status of the national strategy against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cabinet was briefed on the global situation of the outbreak and updated on the 10 local positive cases as well as the status of the quarantine.

Cabinet was also informed of the new testing strategy being implemented. The plan for use of the isolation and quarantine facilities in the event of an increase in cases was also discussed along with the need for additional equipment.

Cabinet was also briefed on the prevailing maritime security risks especially as it concerned movement of fishing vessels and yachts in our territorial waters. Cabinet discussed the measures in place to protect the elderly in the Homes.

Cabinet was updated on the status of the construction of the new Isolation Centre on "Ile du Swet" in the South East of Mahé which will be completed this month.

Cabinet was also briefed on the donations from private individuals and companies as well as logistics to receive incoming cargo from South Africa and Dubai.

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