Cabinet Decisions

Cabinet Business - Wednesday 01st August 2018

02 August 2018

President Danny Faure chaired a scheduled meeting of the Cabinet on Wednesday morning, 1st August, at which a number of legal and policy memoranda were considered.

Cabinet approved for the development of regulations for the recruitment of international learners.  The aim of this regulation will be to ensure requirements for movement of people beyond borders for education purposes reflect national, regional and international requirements.

Cabinet also approved the amendment of the Customs Managment Tariff and Classification of goods regulations to introduce excise levy on the importation of empty can containers used for packages and glass bottles used for manufacture of alcoholic beverages.

Cabinet approved new arrangements for the management of commercial waste.  The new framework should improve cost efficiency and managment of waste.

Cabinet considered and approved a joint management arrangement for the Bel Ombre Jetty between the Seychelles Port Authority and the Seychelles Fishing Authority.

Cabinet also endorsed the reviewed Adolescent Sexual Behaviour Health policy and communication plan.  The policy is important in improving the sexual reproductive health, well-being, and quality of life of the adolescents and youth of Seychelles.

Cabinet approved the general layout of the Ile Aurore Development plan.  The layout has been based on the land use plan of Ile Aurore previously approved by Cabinet.

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