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Cabinet Business- 31st January, 2018

02 February 2018

President Danny Faure chaired a scheduled meeting of the Cabinet on Wednesday morning, 31st January, at which 10 legal and policy memoranda, and 9 information notes, were considered.

Cabinet approved for the relocation of 16 households from a Housing Estate in Vista Do Mar, where the area had become unsuitable for housing development due to the instability of the land.

Cabinet has assessed the rising cost of heavy fuel and the effect of fluctuation in the exchange rate on consumers.  Cabinet has taken a decision to delay the electricity tariff rebalancing to the 1st of July 2018 instead of 1st of March.

Cabinet has also taken a decision to remove progressive income tax on commuted overtime allowance for employees.

Cabinet also approved the Ministry of Health’s Plague Preparedness and Response Plan.  The Plan which will cost SCR37M to implement will include an Isolation Unit and the extended Public Health Laboratory facilities.

Cabinet approved plans to formalise a national vision for La Digue.  The Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change as well as the Tourism Department will lead consultations with the Diguois and other stakeholders.

Cabinet considered recommendations for the Electoral Reform from the Electoral Commission.The recommendations will now be submitted to the Department of Legal Affairs to prepare the necessary legislation.

Cabinet was also briefed on findings of a research on the Black fungus gnats undertaken by entomologists from Germany.The results of the research indicate that the specie of the fungus gnat found in Seychelles is still unknown to science.  The team of researchers have made proposals of measures for control of the black gnats that can be safely applied by Seychelles.

Cabinet endorsed the anti-bullying policy and strategy for primary and secondary schools and professional centres developed by the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development.  Cabinet advised that the policy becomes a national document that will be adopted and applied by all public and private educational institutions.

Cabinet approved amendments to the Licensing Regulations under the Licenses Act for Car Hire operators.  These amendments will allow operators to renew their license every five years instead of annually.  The amendments will also increase the condition to obtain a car hire operator license to with minimum of 7 instead of 5 vehicles.

Cabinet also endorsed the Blue Economy Strategic Framework Roadmap.  In approving the roadmap, Cabinet described the Blue Economy as a very important emerging sector that will allow for the creation of sustainable wealth and the sharing of prosperity.  Seychelles will endeavour to continue to maintain its leadership in that area.

Cabinet was briefed on the details of the national and international examination results.  Cabinet supported the need for further analysis of the factors affecting students’ performance.

Cabinet was updated on the work of CARE in drug prevention and awareness.  Cabinet has renewed its commitment to financially support CARE in implementing its education and sensitisation plan.

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