Cabinet Decisions

Proposed Agreement Between Seychelles and India on Defence Facilities on Assomption Island

23 January 2018

President Danny Faure chaired an Extra-Ordinary meeting of the Cabinet on Monday afternoon, 22nd January, at which Members of Cabinet approved the revised draft agreement between the Government of the Republic of Seychelles and the Government of the Republic of India on the Development, Management, Operation and Maintenance of Defence Facilities on Assomption Island.

Cabinet agreed on the main purpose of the agreement which is to provide a framework for assistance to the Government of Seychelles by the Government of India to enhance the military capabilities in control and maritime surveillance of our EEZ, protection of our EEZ and the outer islands and search and rescue in the region for the benefit of air and shipping traffic.

Cabinet reached a consensus on what has been subject to lengthy discussions with the Government of India since March 2015 and the revised agreement, once signed, will be presented before the National Assembly for ratification as per article 64 (4) of the Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles.

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