Cabinet Decisions

Cabinet Business – Wednesday 3rd January, 2018

03 January 2018

President Danny Faure today chaired the first meeting of the Cabinet for 2018. Cabinet considered a number of legal and policy memoranda.

Cabinet approved a policy to safeguard the privacy of children in the media.  The policy would apply particularly to children in the Children’s Homes whilst in the care of Social Services.  It was recommended that the Media Commission assist with the sensitization and monitoring of policy implementation.

Cabinet approved a number of national policy statements for aquaculture. The Department of Legal Affairs would work with the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture to prepare the legal instruments.

Cabinet also approved for the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture to undertake a review of the policies and legislation impacting both the Agriculture and Fisheries sectors.  This review will result in more modern and relevant policies and legislation to ensure effective development and management of the two sectors.

Cabinet approved amendments to regulations that are required as part of the migration of the Harmonised Commodity Description and Coding System (HS) from version 2007 to version 2017.  The new regulations, which will be effective from March 2018, will create new trade descriptions for certain goods which will enable the Energy Commission to introduce minimum standards under which the goods may qualify for VAT exemption.  This is in line with Government's drive to promote the use of  environmentally friendly and energy efficient electrical appliances, tools, machinery and equipment.

Cabinet approved the methodology for the assessment of achievements by Seychelles of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  The methodology has been developed by the National Bureau of Statistics.

Cabinet was updated on the status of the National Strategic Planning Policy framework exercise within Ministries, Department and Agencies.

Cabinet also approved the 2019 Budget Calendar.

Cabinet approved the remuneration schedule of members and consultants serving on technical committees associated with the Maritime Boundaries projects and the Joint Management Area of the Mascarene plateau.

Cabinet approved for a competition to be launched as part of the process for naming of newly constructed roads.

Cabinet approved the new Control and Protection of Dogs Bill, which will now be published as a White Paper for public consultation.

Cabinet also approved amendments to the Nature Reserves and Conservancy Bill.

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