Cabinet Decisions

Cabinet Business – Wednesday, 13th December, 2017

13 December 2017

President Danny Faure chaired a scheduled meeting of the Cabinet this morning at State House, which discussed a number of legal and policy memoranda.

Cabinet approved new guidelines for extension of houses in Roche Caiman.  The new guidelines will provide standard options that home owners may choose from, for house extension which will reduce the cost to homeowners at the planning stage.

Cabinet approved the Overseas Diagnosis and Treatment Bill.  This new law will bring more transparency to the manner in which the overseas diagnosis and treatment service is provided.

Cabinet approved a Regulation for the establishment of the Registration of Health-related Practices in accordance with the Public Health Authority Act, 2013.  This regulation will allow the Public Health Authority to directly regulate all health and health related practices in Seychelles.

Cabinet approved for the establishment of a Board for the transparent administration of the Children Special Fund.

Cabinet also approved the category of funeral service activities that would receive VAT exemption.  The removal of VAT should lead to a reduction in the cost of funerals.

Cabinet also approved regulations on fees payable under the Seychelles Gambling Act.

Cabinet approved for the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development to temporarily recruit teachers from Mauritius to teach at Primary 4 to Primary 6 level, in view of the current teacher shortage.  This forms part of the bilateral agreement signed between Seychelles and Mauritius in October 2017.

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