State House

Office of the President of The Republic of Seychelles

Cabinet Decisions

Cabinet Business – Wednesday 23rd August, 2017

Vice President Vincent Meriton, in the absence of President Danny Faure who was on overseas mission, chaired a regular meeting of the Cabinet yesterday at State House, which discussed a number of policy memoranda.

Cabinet approved the repeal of the National Sports Council Act 1997 and its replacement by a new modern one.

Cabinet approved a review of weights for social welfare assistance to support families in need.  This follows the commitment given by President Danny Faure in his address to the National Assembly in July 2017 that revised  weights would be introduced from 1st September 2017.

Cabinet recommended that the International Convention on the Simplification and Harmonization of Customs be ratified by the National Assembly. The Convention, more commonly known as the Revised Kyoto Convention (RKC) is a legally binding instrument of the World Customs Organisation (WCO) to simplify and harmonise existing international Customs procedures around the world.

Cabinet approved a National Livestock policy for the period 2017 to 2027.  This would strengthen institutional framework for better service delivery; reinforcing of capacities along the livestock value chains; and improving production, productivity and competitiveness of the livestock sector.

Cabinet also approved recommendations following an assessment of the potential of the Agro-Forestry Sector in Seychelles.  The recommendations proposed amendments to legislation and facilitation of access to resources in order to encourage farmers to practice agro-forestry.

Cabinet considered and approved the protocol for dealing with persons who use drugs.  This protocol clarifies the role of all stakeholders involved in drug prevention, rehabilitation and demand reduction.  The aim of the protocol is to ensure the coordination and synchronisation of programmes, interventions and activities amongst Government bodies and civil society organisations supporting the national response to drug use and the management of persons who use drugs. The protocol will fall within the purview of the new Agency for the Prevention of Drug Abuse and Rehabilitation.

Cabinet approved for Government to request for an IMF Policy Coordination Instrument (PCI) as the successor programme to the Extended Fund Facility arrangements which ended in June 2017.  The PCI is a new IMF package designed to assist countries to formulate and implement macroeconomic policy programmes, signal commitment to economic reform agenda, and attract financing from official creditors or private investors.

Cabinet also approved a set of proposed benchmarks for the successor programme.

Cabinet approved for the drafting of the Food Temperature Control Regulation.  This legislation will ensure the protection of food from contamination, and is aimed at preventing the sale of food which may not have been kept at the required temperatures to ensure proper preservation.  The Ministry of Health would be providing further sensitisation to consumers and food vendors on the proposed regulations.  The draft regulations will also be published as a white paper for public consultation.

Cabinet approved a national health mobilisation programme under the ‘Health in all’ banner.  The principle of Health in All recognises the need for multi-sectoral involvement in the promotion and attainment of better health.  A number of activities have been planned aimed at strengthening health promotion activities; empowering citizens to engage for health; and motivating and mobilising health professionals.

Cabinet approved an update on policy to ensure the conservation and sustainable utilisation of the endemic Coco-De-Mer.  The purpose of the policy is to promote and protect the coco de mer as an iconic species; add value to and increase benefits derived from the use of coco de mer products; elaborate the legislation for conservation, management and sustainable use of the nut and regulate trade.

Cabinet approved for the setting up of inland clearance depots in Seychelles which are designated areas licensed to provide handling and storage facilities to facilitate the clearance of goods and export.  Such depots would reduce the space constraints being experienced at the sea port and airport cargo facilities.

Cabinet also approved for Seychelles accession and domestication of the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ship’s Ballast Water and Sediments which was adopted by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in 2004.  Accession to the convention will allow Seychelles to save its environment and environmental assets and maintain international standards.