Cabinet Decisions

Assignment of Cabinet Portfolios

07 July 2017

In a Special Cabinet meeting following the swearing of the two new Ministers, President Danny Faure confirmed their portfolios as well as those of certain other Ministers where portfolio changes have been made.

Minister Myriam Telemaque will hold the portfolio for Employment, Immigration & Civil Status. The President said that this portfolio would bring greater focus to localisation of the labour force in Seychelles, and streamline procedures for the recruitment of expatriate workers.

Minister Pamela Charlette will be Minister for Fisheries & Agriculture, replacing Minister Michael Benstrong, who leaves Cabinet to take on other responsibilities which will be announced shortly.

The portfolio of the Designated Minister, Mrs Macsuzy Mondon, would be enlarged to include the portfolio for Home Affairs in addition to that of Local Government. The smaller Home Affairs Department would include oversight of the Police, the Prisons, the NDEA and the Fire and Rescue Services.

Minister Mitcy Larue will be the new Minister for Youth, Sports & Culture, replacing Minister Idith Alexander who leaves the Cabinet.

Minister Wallace Cosgrow has been assigned the portfolio for Industry, Entrepreneurship Development & Business Innovation.

The portfolios of other Ministers remain unchanged.

The President also announced certain changes in the posts of Principal Secretaries, CEOs and Advisors.

In the President's Office, Mrs Doreen Arnephy has been appointed as the Principal Secretary responsible for Public Affairs.

Dr Steve Fanny will be the Principal Secretary for Investment, under the portfolio of the Vice-President.

Mrs Miera Savy becomes an advisor to the Designated Minister.

The new Principal Secretary for Culture will be Ms Cecile Kalebi.  She replaces Ms Benjamine Rose who becomes the new CEO of the Seychelles Heritage Foundation.

The new Principal Secretary for Immigration & Civil Status will be Ms Florianne Vidot.

Mr Michael Nalletamby will be the Principal Secretary for Fisheries, and Mr Antoine Marie Moustache will be the Principal Secretary for Agriculture.

Mr Roger Toussaint will be the Principal Secretary for Industry, Entrepreneurship Development and Business Innovation.

Mr George Tirant will be the new CEO of the Public Enterprise Monitoring Commission.

Mr Francis Lebon will be the new CEO of the Fair Trading Commission, with Ms Natalie Edmond as Deputy CEO.

All other portfolios and posting remain unchanged for the time being.

The President also expressed his thanks and gratitude to Minister Idith Alexander and Minister Michael Benstrong for the important contribution they made as Ministers in the service of Seychelles.

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